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This summer, the weather is hot and hot, and wearing sunglasses has become a basic sun protection tool, but in fact, many people only pay attention to the beauty when picking sunglasses, or to facilitate the purchase of unknown vendors, UV can be divided into three types according to the wavelength: UVA, UVB, UVC. type.
Among them, the UVA wavelength is the longest, about 400 to 320 nm; the UVB wavelength is second, about 320 to 280 nm; if you don't worry if the selected sunglasses have the "UV400 resistant" lens, some sunglasses will provide UV proof. Mark sport sunglasses the filtered wavelength and the filtration rate.

Choose this kind of certified product, which is sport sunglasses safe and secure. Gray, dark green or brown lenses can maintain the true color of the scene with the naked eye; orange lenses can increase the color contrast, if it is engaged in more vigorous exercise, the better the effect, should be purchased in the proper pipeline, or choose the one that really suits your needs. Wear sunglasses.

It is recommended to cover one eye, pick up the glasses and watch the square floor tiles or door frames. Move slowly from left to right and from top to bottom.

If the line should be straight, it will be distorted and deformed to avoid the sun from the face. Irradiating the eyes, sport sunglasses while covering the side of the eyes, fit the face, more sunscreen effect. At that time, the popular styles were mostly simple round frames, with enamel textures, rounded lines to set off the pretty short hair of women at that time, and shaped a very charming time style.