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The fashion show of 2018-2019 taiwan sunglasses autumn and winter ready-to-wear collections is not only praised for its fashion design. The sunglasses that are worn by all models and frequently appeared are the popular fashion accessories circles in Europe and America, and become the most representative accessories taiwan sunglasses of this season. These large and streamlined sunglasses give a confident attitude to life, such as a monochrome glass mask, whether it is square, rectangular, or aviator sunglasses with bright tones: yellow, blue, green, and powder. Although he wears sunglasses to protect his eyes every time, he prefers blue lenses. Recently, he felt that the right eye was darkened. After medical examination, he found that the crystals were turbid and suffered from mild cataract.

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So why is Blu-ray hurting the eyes? Sunlight contains infrared, ultraviolet and visible light. The light that the human eye can see is visible light, but it cannot block high-energy blue light. In addition, after wearing sunglasses, the light becomes darker and the pupils are enlarged, and harmful blue light is more likely to shine into the eyes. Over time, it may cause eye diseases such as cataracts and macular diseases. Wearing sunglasses in the summer is not only for matching clothes, but also for personal style. More importantly, taiwan sunglasses it is designed to protect the eyes from wind, dust and sunshade. So, how to choose sunglasses to protect your eyes? Ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes, and long-term exposure may increase the risk of cataracts and retinal damage, so it is necessary to wear glasses.