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Highest quality taiwan sunglasses

Casual sunglasses

In fact, the retro style has never been "off the shelf" in the trend of glasses. A variety of different frame types, including frameless titanium and futuristic trend frames, are still found every season. The styles that run counter to each other are like retro.

The phenomenon of coexisting with the taiwan sunglasses new wave has always been the characteristic of the glasses market. Under the influence of the hippie culture, the rising trend of freedom in the society has changed the fashion taiwan sunglasses atmosphere.

The romantic and casual style extends from clothing to sunglasses. The size of the frame and the shape change, the frame design of special materials such as transparent or special gradient.

Fishing sunglasses

Breaking through the monopoly of large frames taiwan sunglasses for decades, the sunglasses of the 1990s have moved toward a small and elliptical frame, with a thin gold frame and almost all black dark lenses, saying goodbye to the unknown and uneasiness of the end of the century.

Constantly changing at an extremely fast speed, as if it was declared in the mini-sunglasses at the end of the last century, it went to the maximal value of the frame type and the surreal color combination.

From the laser mirror sunglasses, the reminiscent of the 90's very small sunglasses, never faded. Flying sunglasses, or an avant-garde design, compared to optical glasses, in addition to affirming the role of sunglasses as a "flip-style comfort circle" for men's accessories, they also agree that "retro round frame" is the trend of sunglasses this year. .